The Hypnotherapist’s 6 FAQ’s!

Q 1: Will I cluck like a chicken?


A: Yes if you want to!

The subconscious brain (the one responsible for automatic action) will only accept suggestions that are acceptable to the individual. Therefore, if you are up for a laugh, a bit of and exhibitionist, have had the nerve to get up on stage, then, yes you are quite likely to accept the suggestion when the hypnotherapist clicks her fingers.

The person least likely to accept the suggestion is sitting in the shadows, avoiding eye contact with the hypnotherapist, trying to blend in with the wallpaper. Alternatively they are at home alone, enjoying their own company, snuggled up with a good book.

Q 2: What if I cannot go in to trance?

A: You can.

You do this every day. Just as you are drifting off to sleep – hypnogogic state and just as you are waking up – hypnopompic state. It’s just a form of altered perception an inward focus, as in day dreaming; driving from A to B without realising how you got there; staring at the traffic lights when they are on green yet not acknowledging they have changed until the car behind blasts you back in to reality!

Q 3: What if I don’t come back?

A: You will, no one has ever been left in trance.

It’s like asking, ‘what if I don’t come back from my day dream’ or ‘what if my my hair doesn’t dry if I wash it’ or ‘ what if I get lost in this book’!

Children are in a kind of trance, a make believe world full of adventure and fantasy, unfortunately reality does begin to creep in at around the age of 5 or 6. Children over this age do find it easier than adults to slip in and out of trance due to their vivid imagination in their wold of play.

Q 4: What if I drool when I’m asleep?


A: You are not asleep!

In fact you are 30% more aware when in trance. Aware of the sounds around and the environment, it’s just the focus of attention is altered. Although you are aware of the environment around it fades into insignificance as your thoughts are focused elsewhere – deep inside your imagination.

You will always be in complete control and aware of where you are in the room and what’s happening around you.

It’s just unfortunate that the term hypnosis originates from the Greek word for sleep – hypnos!

Q 5: How does it work

A: It’s like giving a twig a push when it gets stuck down the stream. The stick doesn’t need me to analyse why it is stuck, it just needs a shove! 

Once in trance/ altered state/ deep relaxation the subconscious brain is more open to beneficial suggestions for positive change. A good hypnotherapist will take a detailed history first and really get to know how that person ticks. They will then facilitate the client to reach a really relaxed state, this is hypnosis. Then the hypnotherapy begins, with the use of metaphor and positive suggestion relevant to the individual, the client will be encouraged to ditch the old way of thinking for a new beneficial one – in a nutshell! It’s a bit like a computer updating.

Q 6: What if the hypnotherapist dies whilst I’m in trance?

A: Eventually you will realise it’s gone quiet, come round and dispose of the body accordingly!


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